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Home Watch Services

How It Works

Home Watch Services

Home watch is having a trained professional come into your home while you are away to make sure everything is in working order.  Having a trained Home Watch Professional in your home betters  your chances that nothing goes unnoticed.  Having a trained eye in your home while you are away is essential to the well being of one of your most valuable possessions. 

Our Home Watch Services Include

Home Watch

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Why West Village Home Watch, LLC?

West Villages Home Watch LLC. are trained professionals that have years of experience in maintaining homes. We have over 15 years of home building experience which gives us the knowledge to know not only what is on the surface of the home, but what is inside the structure that you cannot see. We also have many years experience working with a non-profit maintaining conference centers which included 8 hotels and numerous other buildings.  Knowing how to take care of any issue that arises is key to the success in keeping any issue to a minimum.  In the event that there is an issue in your home, we will contact you immediately informing you of the problem and a solution based on our experience.  Having West Villages Home Watch, LLC in your home means you have someone that can take care of most if not all of minor issues so that you do not have to hire outside contractors.  At the end of each homewatch inspection, you will receive a detailed  report that is sent directly to your email. We pride ourselves in providing detailed homewatch inspections that include pictures throughout your home giving you piece of mind that your home is just the way you left it.  

West Villages Home Watch, LLC provides weekly, tri-weekly and bi-weekly visits. 

How It Works

Home Watch Services Include

  • Walk the perimeter of the home looking for broken windows, forced entry or vandalism.
  • Check screens on porch enclosures for signs of damage.
  • Remove newspapers, flyers, packages and debris from walkway and/or patio and sweep if necessary.
  • Check all landscaping for erosion issues and that proper maintanance has been performed.
  • Check pool for algae growth or debris.
  • Visual check of pool equipment for leakage and operation.
  • Check the breaker panel for any tripped breakers
  • Viual check of any pest infestations.
  • Check thermostat for proper operation.
  • At the time of our visit we will provide a picture of your thermostat and our hygrometer verifying the temperature and humidity in your home.
  • Examine all doors, windows and sliders to ensure they are locked and secure.
  • Check the refrigerator and freezers to make sure they are functioning properly and food has not spoiled.
  • Operate all faucets and flush toilets.
  • Visual check for leaks or stains around windows, ceilings, water heaters, under sinks and around toilets.
  • Check Water Softener/Water Filter for leaks and verify salt level.
  • Operate garage door opener to check for proper operation.
  • Investigate any noises, alarms or odors.
  • Turn on ights and fans throughout the house.
  • Remove garbage mistakenly left by the homeowner.
  • Start and idle stored vehicles.
  • Water specified indor/ outdoor plants.
  • Collect mail from the mailbox and process as directed.

Protecting Your Investment:

You can never properly prepare for a disaster to hit your home.  Having your A/C go out, your breaker to your refrigerator goes out, having a roof leak, etc…  Having West Villages Home Watch in your home while you are away will mitigate any problem before it turns into a financial disaster.  Having a homewatch professional in your home looking over every square inch of your property is essential to protecting your investment.  

GPS Tracked Homewatch Reports:

During each visit by a West Villages Homewatch professional we will fill out a detailed checklist adding pictures throughout your home.  We use the iAuditor software system that is set up specifically for homewatch.  It is GPS tracked so you will see the exact location and time that we were in your home.  This system helps give homeowners piece of mind that West Villages Home Watch LLC. is doing exactly what you hire us to do.  

Stop worrying about your home, take care of your investment, and enjoy your vacations more.

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