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Welcome To West Villages Homewatch & Handyman

We check, protect, and service all your home needs! We provide our Homewatch & Handyman services to West Villages & surrounding areas including Venice and North Port. Our Services Include:

Check, Protect, & Service

Home Watch

Services & Monitoring
Storm Preparation
& Post Clean Up
Handyman Services
Take care of problems
Concierge Services
Make Life Simple
Interior Design
Customized Decorating

Why West Village Home Watch, LLC?

West Villages Home Watch, LLC is a veteran family owned and operated company in the communities of Venice and North Port. As a local family owned business we strive to do the very best job possible to make sure your home is safe and sound while you are away. We have the drive and passion required to be the trusted reliable team you deserve to protect your most valuable asset. We know what its like to go away and come home to a broken fridge or mold everywhere. Those are 2 stories we will share later. Its a nightmare………One that can be extremely costly if left unattended for any amount of time. Thats why you need someone that is going to be there when you need them the most. We have learned through many years of experience how extremely important it is to hire the right people who are dependable and hardworking who will take care of your home as their very own. We know you will not be disappointed trusting us to be there when called. We have the values and work ethic required to be the best money has to offer. We will not let you down!

Areas Of Service

What areas does West Villages Home Watch service?

As our name suggests our main focus is West Villages Incorporated. We are the go to Home Watch local business for our community. As residents of West Villages we realized there was a need for our own community to have specialized services just for them. So if you are blessed enough to live in these communities we are so grateful to serve you in this amazing community we call home. The communities we focus on are: Gran Paradiso, Gran Palm, The Preserves, Oasis, Island Walk, Renaissance and Sarasota National. If you do not live in these communities please give us a call to see if we have availability in your area. If we do, we would be glad to add you to the team!

Communities We Specialize In

Gran Paradiso
Lennar Homes
Island Walk
Sarasota National
Grand Palm
Niel Communities
Gran Paradiso
Sam Rodgers
The Preserve
at West Villages
at West Villages
At West Villages

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